About Family Office
i. About Family Office:

A Family Office is an organization created to support and to advise the financial needs for a specific family group. Often it is created after the sale of certain profitable family businesses or after harnessing significant liquidity. The range of private banking services offered varies on the short-term and long-term goals of the family office. They include strategic, tactical or investment services, or a basket of investments from strategic to financial and tax planning, wealth transfer planning, financial recordkeeping, real estate management, philanthropic and art advisory services.

While asset size is not usually the main factor in the decision of establishing a family office however in most cases it makes financial sense for a family with liquid wealth in excess of 50 million USD to start and staff a family office.

ii. Multi-Family Office:

A multi-family office is an organization that provides family office services to more than one family group. The economies of scales have given wealthy families the weight and cost savings by pooling their assets and to aggregate these assets for better wealth management. A multi-family office is more accessible to families with liquid wealth in the range of 30 million to 100 million USD.

Our Partners are from American and European investments banks with strong Asian presence and they carry out financial activities for institutional clients and outstanding businessmen.