Company Background

ISSACHAR INVESTMENT GROUP PTE LTD is a Singapore-based financial advisory and fund management company catered specifically to high net-worth individuals (as defined by the Monetary Authority of Singapore) and corporations. We are focused on Asian Wealth Management products, Private Banking for Family Offices and other Asset Management Services.

Combining with the strength and agility of global financial powerhouses, Issachar Desk offers unparallel and uncompromised wealth management solutions.

mottoAssets are built up over an individual’s life time. The Creation of Wealth is founded on the commitment, dedication and professional application to a life’s work, always moving ahead, always succeeding. The objective, to Preserve and Extend that wealth ensures Your family and You a financial future.

“Our aim is to deliver a consistent and satisfied client experience. We dedicated a lot of time and effort developing a complete understanding of our client’s personal and financial goals. So we can assess not just today’s requirement but how those requirements might change in the near future. And our objective is always in context of a comprehensive wealth management strategy.”

When a Client chooses to build His or Her wealth with us, they can be assured that

“Once we understand the needs of our Clients, we can draw on the full experience and expertise of our partner’s global financial house in the network. This enables us to provide tailored and customized wealth solutions to meet each of their individual financial goals.”

“It may take more time to find the right and best solutions for our Clients, but once the clients have agreed to our investment programs, they do expect an efficient and transparent execution.”

We work closely and interact often with our Client as these are crucial and fundamental. It stands for the basis of investment success. This also means that results have to be carefully monitored and discussed with our Clients. Here, our client’s profiling comes in again. How the situation changes and how the client needs and goals are the same? It is really a continuous process. This strength and our commitment to carefully listen to individual clients help us to understand their needs and goals.

missionAt Issachar Desk, Wealth Management is a core business. We strongly believe the same fundamental principle applies to serving wealthy individual worldwide, across cultures and countries. We are delighted to be in a unique position to work with these Partners network, which could truly deliver on a regional and global scale. We have a constructive support from them in developing tailored-mace solutions, and have access to vast range of specialist supports. And this access is not limited to our specialization in our wealth management department. We have access to expertise from their asset management business, investment banking business as well as expert advices from their corporate banking. Our expertise together with our commitment to best serve our clients, combined to create the reputation of Issachar Desk. And we hope that this reputation of ours would draw in many from all walks of society, from many professional backgrounds and from all regions of Asia, to choose Issachar Desk as the long term partner to manage their personal wealth.