Comprehensive Financial advice tailored to your life stage and individual needs.

Comprehensive Financial Advice

Take advantage of our comprehensive financial tailored to your current life phase and needs.

In addition to traditional investment advice and asset management, this includes advice on insurance and retirement provision, tax, inheritance issues and financing.

Requirements in Life Stages

Our comprehensive financial advice is geared to clients’ specific needs throughout the various stages of their lives. The main objective is to optimize and coordinate the various financial aspects, thus allowing us to develop customized solutions

Financial Planning

Interconnected planning that goes beyond traditional investment advice as a supplement to the work of the client advisor.

What Is Included in the Planning Process?

The planning takes account of the client’s total assets, including real estate, shareholdings in companies, pension entitlement, assets held at other banks, etc. The financial planner analyzes and optimizes the client’s total asset situation.

Financial Planning

Our experts analyze and optimize the client’s total asset and income situation, taking into consideration tax, retirement provision, issues related to financing, matrimonial property and inheritance law. The point of reference is generally a future event, such as early retirement, the purchase or sale of real estate, the disposal of shareholdings, etc. Financial planning is an ideal opportunity for a comprehensive financial consultation and serves to expand successful cooperation with your relationship manager.

Preparing Financial Plans

Where several of the client’s needs have to be analyzed simultaneously or over a long period of time, it is a good idea to prepare a financial plan. This involves forming a comprehensive picture of the present situation and working out a detailed optimization plan on that basis. This financial plan includes the definition of a goal, proposals for measures and their presentation over the ten-year duration of the plan. To complete the picture, the plan concludes with various charts that clearly show the improvement compared with the current situation. The financial plan represents a blueprint paving the way for long-term target-oriented client service.

Inheritance Advice

Personalized advice with a view to early, optimal inheritance planning.

What Does Inheritance Advice Entail?

In addition to inheritance planning, this service includes safekeeping of wills and the trouble-free distribution of an estate.


Advice for clients on all questions of matrimonial property and inheritance law relating to assets in Switzerland and abroad which form part of the estate. Our inheritance consultants will take into consideration the overall asset situation, family circumstances and needs of the client. Solutions may often include a combination of asset transfers during the testator’s lifetime.

Safekeeping of Wills

Secure safekeeping of wills and their correct submission to the appropriate authority in the event of death. This service is of benefit to clients who wish to appoint our bank as their executor.

Distribution of Estates

Execution of the liquidation and distribution of estates on the instructions of the heirs or private executors or according to the wishes of the testator as expressed in his/her will. Using Credit Suisse as your executor paves the way for your estate to be administered on an amicable basis. As an impartial entity, we can carry out your last wishes and ensure a smooth transfer of assets to the persons and institutions as entitled under the law and the provisions of your will.

Tax Advice

Tax planning and optimization in accordance with the legal framework which are tailored to meet the specific needs of the client.

What Does Tax Advice Involve?

In addition to tax planning and optimization, our tax advisors also complete the tax returns

Personalized Consultation

Customized comprehensive tax advise, planning and optimization to meet clients’ needs. The objective is to minimize the tax burden within the legal framework. Clients can rest assured that their tax situation will be dealt with correctly and that future events can also be planned in such a way so as to enable tax optimization.