The Advisory Process Important factors in achieving your goals.

Structure, clarity, and consistency are important factors that ultimately help achieve your objectives.

The Key to Success

Defining your objectives and needs is the key to success when it comes to financial matters. The starting point is your current financial situation. This is why a personal consultation with your advisor is central to our advisory process.

We have a clear and simple approach. The five steps in a comprehensive advice are:

Step 1

Needs Analysis
Your needs and objectives are the focus of the professional advice provided by your personal client advisor. More details

Step 2

Financial Concept
We use the results of the needs analysis to compile a personal financial concept together with you. More details

Step 3

Client Profile
Discover your personal risk profile so that you can make the right financial decision. More details

Step 4

Your client advisor will develop a suitable Strategy based on your risk profile. More details

Step 5

Our Private Banking area offers you professional support in the implementation of your chosen strategy and in the management of your assets. More details