Portfolio Management Services

1This setup includes Asset Allocation, a Recommended Investment Strategy, certain recommendations for investment diversification and global risk management or risk budgets, traditional and alternative investments, selection and review of managers, selection and review of banking relationships, global performance monitoring and reporting, and a global portfolio consolidation.

1. Investment Strategy

We conduct an initial framework of understanding and needs of each family-client:- financial objectives, level of risks, types of investment preferences and time horizons in their investments of maybe 3-5 years. We then use the private banking’s quantitative and judgmental factors to derive a Strategic Asset Allocation framework. We then recommend addition of these Asset Allocation with other asset classes to achieve the best possible returns with the least amount of risk. The asset mix between traditional and alternative investments and currencies will also reflect tactical considerations reflecting our views of the current level of investment opportunity among asset classes.

2. Manager Selection and Review

We select and monitor money managers in banks who are specialists in each investment style, may it be high risk investments, risky investments or below risk investment. We term these investments to be balanced, equal, conservative, core or growth grading. Through our independent due diligence process, we seek to identify good-performing managers who have innate ability of the market environments and are positioned to perform well. We combine the skill-set and expertise of these managers to create our client portfolios. In so doing, these multiple investment management styles will reduce the overall risk inherent in each investment instruments and provide better consistent results in the market environments and dynamism.

When an investment program is set up, we will then measure investment performances, evaluate investment managers, supervise compliance with investment policies and prepare consolidated investment reports.

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