Wealth Management Services
Global Asset Management & Risk Allocation

Portfolio management is only a subset of the entire total wealth management. A global wealth management approach assembles an overall strategy for high net-worth individuals with diverse needs and changing needs. Wealth management services encompass objective financial advice and guidance, a global investment strategy, tax planning and preparation, trust and estate planning, real estate management and administration, insurance review, philanthropy and art advisory services

Tax and Estate Planning

This transfer of wealth from one generation to another also includes maximising of the assets to one or more generations.  Business succession plans typical in a family-owned business, and continuity in advisor relationships and asset distribution in accordance to wills or desire are also addressed.  Our private bank’s fiduciary service provides confidentiality and solutions for the management of minority shareholders positions. We study the best tax efficient investment vehicles and structures for our family-clients. The compliance service prepares tax forms and performs financial recordkeeping.

Real Estate Management

Advisory services relating to Real Estate are provided to our clients through the Solutions Partners Division. We guide them through the process of buying or selling real estate properties. Day to day management and administration of these properties are further provided through independent established real estate companies. Clients who are keen for substantial Asset Allocation could tap into the specific Real Estate investment funds dedicated to the individuals.